LollyWaffle Accessories

At LollyWaffle we have a great selection of LollyWaffle accessories to make life easier for our customers. From our squeeze bottle warmers to our LollyWaffle holders, we have all the accessories you need for your LollyWaffle business.

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LW-FLAVORS LollyWaffle Cup Holder with Erasable Flavor Board
  • $39.99
LW-HOLDER-CLEAR LollyWaffle Support Holder - Clear Acrylic
  • $165.99
LW-HOT LollyWaffle Caution Hot Sign
  • $39.99
LW-WARMER Double Chocolate Warmer
  • $259.99
LW-WARMER-BTL LollyWaffle Drizzle Warmer
  • $299.99
LW-Dispenser Lollywaffle Batter Dispenser
  • $9.99
LW-SQUEEZE BOTTLE Squeeze Bottle with lid for Batter & Toppings
  • $4.99